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On October 3-17, Christie’s Watches Online Auction Boutique Review

From October 3 to 17, the Christie’s watch online auction was held as scheduled. There are 113 lots in the auction, including the limited edition series of Omega Commander James Bond, and other fine watch brands’ iconic antique watches and modern watches. All the proceeds from the Omega James Bond series will be donated to UNICEF and some charitable organizations. Which of the 113 lots are worth paying attention to? Let’s look down together.

OMEGA STEEL SEAMASTER Commander Collection

Basic information: stainless steel case with 41 mm case diameter. With date display function. Uses automatic cal. 2507 movement.
Valuation: USD 4000-8000, approximately RMB 26,000-52 thousand.
Price (including commission): USD 22,500, about RMB 140,000.
Watch comments: From the auction results, this Omega ‘Commander’ series was sold at a price nearly three times higher than the highest estimate (including commission). A stainless steel watch, if you only say from the value of the watch itself, you may not get such a premium result. But the birth of this Omega was inspired by James Bond, and thus created this series-‘Commander Watch’. This series has some unique features: a red ‘007’ logo is set on the central second hand, the number 7 in the date display window is set to red, and the other numbers are blue … This series of stainless steel models are produced together 7007 pieces, and the ‘commander’ number 007 participating in the online auction of Christie’s watches is even more profound. Therefore, it has made such a high price, not to mention that the donated funds will be donated to UNICEF, and there are reasonable explanations.

 OMEGA 18K GOLD SEAMASTER Commander Collection

Basic information: 18K gold case, 41 mm case diameter, with date display function, using automatic cal. 2507 movement.
Valuation: USD 15,000-35,000, approximately RMB 100,000-230,000.
Price (including commission): USD 40,000, about RMB 260,000.

Watch Comments: It also has the unique characteristics of the Commander series, but there are only 7 commanders in the world with a gold case. And the number participating in this auction is 007. The final auction result exceeded the estimated maximum of $ 5,000, which was expected.


Basic information: 18K white gold case, case diameter is 41mm. Equipped with date display function, using automatic movement 2507. Estimate: USD 20,000-40000, approximately RMB 130,000-260,000.
Price (including commission): USD 87,500, about RMB 570,000.

Watch Reviews: The transaction price (including commission) is twice the highest estimate! The highest estimate was $ 40,000 and the transaction price was $ 87,500. In the secondary trading market, the price of platinum is relatively disadvantaged compared to gold and rose gold. This time, the commander of this 18K white gold was able to shoot twice as high as the highest estimate.

Basic information: stainless steel, 18K gold case, case diameter 39 mm. With date display function to Greenwich Mean Time. Uses automatic cal. 3185 movement.
Estimate: USD 5000-7000, approximately RMB 30,000-40,000.
Price (including commission): USD 8125, about RMB 50,000.
Watch Reviews: In 1954, Rolex launched the Greenwich Collection, a watch specifically for pilots. 24 hours can be set according to the selected time zone. This one was produced in 1987 in Greenwich, and has a quick-setting time device. The same stainless steel model of this period was numbered 16710. Of course, some people will say that gold is less scratch-resistant and friction-resistant than stainless steel, but the watch is bound to rise with gold, and the value of the material sometimes affects the result of the auction.

Rolex Daytona 116520

Basic information: PVD black-plated stainless steel case, the case diameter is 40 mm, with timing function. Uses automatic cal. 4130 movement.
Valuation: USD 10,000-15,000, approximately RMB 66,000-9.9 million.
Price (including commission): USD 18,750, about RMB 124,000.

Watch Comments: This time there is also a Rolex Dayton with white face 16520, so the two watches will inevitably be used for comparison. Rolex 16520 and 116520 are different from both the dial design and the movement. Dial design, 116520 and 16520 at 6 and 9 o’clock the small three-pointer with the hour counter, the hour scale and the thickness of the hands have also changed slightly. On the use of movement, 116520 uses 4130, and 16520 uses 4030. The two are different. It is worth exploring that this only one that participated in the auction was a 116520 that was black-plated in the later stage. Under normal circumstances, the self-improvement in the later stage will affect the value of the watch itself. Second-hand watches pay attention to the ‘new complete set’. Such a modified watch is still sold at a price higher than the highest estimate of 2,750 US dollars. From this perspective, Rolex’s value preservation function in the second-hand market appears.

Rolex ‘ZENITH’ Daytona 16520

Basic information: stainless steel case with 39 mm diameter. Equipped with timing function, using cal. 4030 automatic movement.
Valuation: USD 10,000-15,000, approximately RMB 66,000-9.9 million.
Price (including commission): USD 17,500, about RMB 110,000.
Watch Comments: This is a Daytona born in 1994. The movement used is a self-winding cal. 4030 based on a Zenith El Primero movement. Since the birth of the first Rolex 16520 in 1988, this watch has become the representative of the Rolex Daytona ‘ZENITH’ period. Participating in the auction is a white-faced Daytona. The world seems to prefer white-faced over black-faced Daytona.

Patek Philippe TWO-TONE NAUTILUS 3800

Basic information: 18K gold and stainless steel case, case diameter 37 mm. Uses automatic cal.335 SC movement.
Estimate: USD 7000-9000, approximately RMB 46,000-5.9 million.
Price (including commission): USD 9375, about RMB 60,000.

Watch Comments: The production life of Patek Philippe 3800 is from 1981 to 2006, and it has been discontinued. This Patek Philippe 3800, produced in 1983, still maintains a good appearance and fully demonstrates the quality of Patek Philippe to the world. The Patek Philippe Sports Series has always been a popular target, and the 5711 now on sale is an example. The public price of 5711 is 180,000 yuan, and the price of a good 3800 in the auction market is only about 60,000 yuan.


Basic information: 18K gold case, case diameter is 38mm long and 22mm wide. Use a manual winding movement.
Valuation: USD 20,000-30000, approximately RMB 130,000-198,000.
Price (including commission): USD 43750, approximately RMB 288,000.
Watch Reviews: Another premium lot, sold at a price exceeding the highest estimate of more than 10,000 US dollars. The Crash series was born in London in 1967, at the golden age of ‘swing London’. Therefore, its design style also carried the restlessness and eclecticness of that period. Over time, the Crash series with limited circulation has also become one of the most collectible watches, thanks to its asymmetric dial design, breakthrough position and unique aesthetics of distortion and imbalance. This Crash watch, produced in 1991, can be sold at such a high price, and it is also related to its good appearance.