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Spring Festival To Be A Delicate Pig Girl

As the Spring Festival approaches, the atmosphere of the festival is getting stronger and stronger. Looking back, the ‘dog’ disappeared, and the ‘pig’ thing went smoothly. Whether you are wearing a high-quality watch, engraving good times, or choosing a jewelry with multiple aesthetics, shining every detail, raising your hands will make you win the title of exquisite pig girl on various occasions in the New Year.

  To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Gucci continues the concept of the zodiac theme and launches a special series. One of the highlights in the series is the image of a pig from the animated short film Three Little Pigs produced by Lian Mei Film Company in 1933.

Gucci Dive special watch
* Courtesy of Gucci, The Three Little Pigs © Disney
  The dial of the special watch is also decorated with three pigs, which adds color to the new 2019 collection. This Gucci Dive watch has a gold PVD coating and a black rubber case, with a black rubber strap. The red dial is decorated with three funny little pig patterns, which is lively and interesting.
‘Pig’ things go well

  Red is also the color of choice for the New Year. The Gucci G-Timeless series watches meet the matching dreams of delicate pig girls. The red leather strap is paired with a gold case, and the butterfly print on the dial is full of Chinese style, making it the best match in the cold winter.

  If you like the atmosphere calm and exquisite dial structure, the new G-Timeless self-winding watch of 2019 is worth starting. The dark red leather strap with stainless steel dial highlights the extraordinary temperament. The small dial of the second hand brings unique elegance to life.

  Misty winter, the New Year is coming. Flowers are undoubtedly one of the most dazzling and romantic elements. The Gucci G-Timeless series watches are like flowers entwined around the wrist, which is very lovely. This watch is also the finishing touch of winter.

  Exquisite pig girl can not lack fashion elements, Gucci Vintage Web series watch, transparent plexiglass, light texture, white-red-blue fashion color matching, white mother-of-pearl dial, bracelet set with bright yellow and white studs Show your exquisite fashion taste with your hands.
‘Pig’ Glorious

  As a qualified pig girl, fashion accessories are even more important. Gucci 2019’s new GG Running accessories are exquisite and small, with details highlighting the perfect craftsmanship. The GUCCI classic logo is re-interpreted, and 18K gold highlights romantic elegance and high sense.

  Of course, girls who like silver jewelry can choose Gucci GG Marmont series jewelry. From the ring, earrings to bracelets, the classic Gucci logo and lake blue resin and topaz are used. The floral elements are fresh and refined, and exquisite girls must not miss it.
  At the beginning of the new year, Gucci watch jewelry wishes all exquisite pig pig girls, youth ‘Pig’, the year of the pig!