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Elegant, Practical And Accurate Glashütte Original Councillor’s New Models, A Symbol Of Originality And Quality

Successful people have always sought perfection and perfection. They strive for the ‘best’ in everything-and at the same time always respond to the challenges of daily life with self-confidence, charming charm, extraordinary creativity and surging passion. They are synonymous with originality and taste. These values ​​are also the core pursuit of Glashütte’s original MP series watches. The new MP Calendar and MP Calendar Moon Phase watches released earlier this year are now available worldwide. The latest Senator Calendar Chronograph has also entered the release schedule, with black and white tones, relaxed and elegant.

   They appreciate traditional craftsmanship, and they have an eye for precision technology. They know how to ‘harmonize’: they know how to achieve a balance between ambition and the art of living. The latest models of the Glashütte Original MP series are aimed at such expert watch fans-an emotional work that can meet their spiritual needs, and is also a ‘business card’ exclusively for their wrists. After all, the new models highlight the aesthetic qualities of watch enthusiasts and their appreciation of quality design and outstanding performance-and more importantly, fully satisfy their obsession with the outstanding design and outstanding functions of watchmaking art. Passion.

Certified masterpiece: a new model of the parliamentary watch of excellence
   The new MP MP and MP MP Moon Phase Watches are equipped with Calibre 36 caliber: Calibre 36-03 is used for the big calendar model, while 36-04 model is used for the Big Calendar Moon Phase model. core. This movement, released in 2016, is a symbol of professional watchmaking technology and has become the core of the entire parliamentary watch collection. This award-winning movement uses ‘simplified to the best’ mechanical device, which is ideal for those who know the charm but deliberately low-key self-confidence. Each Glashütte original watch undergoes a long-lasting test of up to 24 days and adheres to its commitment: each certified watch has reached a new level of quality, achieving stable, accurate and reliable performance. Long-lasting and long-lasting beauty. The brand watch factory has specially engraved the back of the case and attached a separate inspection certificate to each watch to clearly highlight the brand promise.

   Of course, ‘excellence’ is not only reflected in technical performance and various certifications. Important external value advantages such as elegant appearance and easy operation make this quality mechanical work an ideal companion for global citizens. On the new model, the crown can easily adjust the Glashütte original large calendar and moon phase display. These two complication features as a brand feature do not require an additional adjuster, maintaining the watch’s streamlined, refreshing design style.

   The Senator Excellence Calendar and the Senator Excellence Calendar Moon Phase Watch bring a refreshing look to this time-honored collection with a refreshing look: new blue, silver-gray and white dials make them distinctive-all by Glashütte’s original hand-made watch factory in Pforzheim. The new model also features a slightly larger 42mm stainless steel case.

Original, efficient and suitable for everyday wear
   Senator Big Date Chronograph Watches Senator Big Date Chronograph Watches are also painstaking clockwork from the hands of outstanding watchmakers. However, what makes this watch so rare and special is its originality, a clever fusion of practical design, high accuracy and reliable performance. The foundation of all this is the innovative Calibre 37-01 movement, equipped with a flyback device and a 12-hour timer.

   The fully-integrated, 4 Hz high-efficiency automatic winding movement independently designed and built by this brand has reached an extremely high level of functional design. Thanks to mature technology solutions, it improves the ease of use and accuracy of travel time. One of the foundations of its high accuracy is that it does not rely on the adjuster for speed adjustment, but instead relies on four gold screws on the edge of the balance wheel. This self-winding movement has a 70-hour power reserve when fully wound, which is far ahead in the field of mechanical chronograph movements.

   Despite its complex features, this chronograph is simple to operate and is especially suitable for daily use. This makes it an ideal match for urban life—both focusing on quality and reliability, while blending purity and balance. The new model of the Senator Large Calendar Chronograph, which was first launched in 2014, is designed with a refreshing and clear contrast to express a confident and elegant style.

   The dark black details and display are clear and easy to read on the white dial-while also providing outstanding readability in the dark thanks to the use of luminous materials. In terms of visual design, the dial is modern, distinctive, and symmetrical. The polished and brushed 42 mm stainless steel case, with its wide atmosphere, complements the chronograph dial, power reserve indicator and Glashütte’s original large calendar.

Become A Goddess Harvester You Are Only Three Watches Away From A Gentleman

Everyone is born with an aura. This is a manifestation of self-cultivation and charm. Some people win by appearance, others by virtue. And gentle-mannered and generous men can always attract the attention of many women. This is what is often called the ‘gentleman’. No matter they are in the workplace or business, they are gentle and elegant. Watches are a symbol of masculinity and status. They are also essential in the gentleman’s world. Today, the editor introduces several elegant and restrained watches. When worn on the wrist, it shows a charming individual. charm.
Baume & Mercier Clifton series full-calendar chronograph

Basic Information
Watch model: MOA10280
Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: stainless steel case with 18K rose gold bezel
Strap Material: Brown Alligator Leather
Case diameter: 43 mm
Watch price: RMB 39,700
Watch details: 30,300
Watch details: 25.07, power reserve capacity of 46 hours.
Longines SAINT-IMIER watch

Basic Information
Watch model: L2.764.4.73.0
Watch Series: Master Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Domestic public price: RMB 59,999
Watch details: longines / 22728 /

Watch review: Longines SAINT-IMIER watch diameter 44 mm, case material is stainless steel. The silver-white round dial is equipped with the minute track scale on the outermost circle. The left is a 24-hour time zone display. The right is a date display scale. The twelve o’clock position display is a small dial at six o’clock. There is also a moon phase display window above the small second dial. The hands and time scale are luminous. Inside is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement model Cal.L707, with a dark brown crocodile leather strap and a stainless steel buckle. The back-through design provides a water-resistant depth of 30 meters.
Summary: Watches with a streamlined design belong to men who are calm and restrained, while watches with small and complicated functions are the favorite of gentlemen who pay attention to quality and taste. Watches have both elegant shapes and playful mechanical fun . Among the above watches, Baume & Mercier’s full-calendar chronograph is a very unique design. The two-color bezel is more fashionable and elegant, and it also has time, date, week, and month. Equal multiple functions, it is a multi-functional favorite.

The World’s Top Surfers Prepare For The Swatch World Women’s Professional Longboard Surfing Tournament Held In Trestles, Usa In 2016

The Swatch Women’s Professional Longboard Surfing Tournament, the most anticipated event on the World Women’s Championship Tour supported by Samsung Galaxy, will return to the famous Southern California USA from September 7th to 18th Surf Beach Lower Trestles.

   The competition will be held in Orange County, which has a wave like a skateboarding field and is a world-renowned high-level surfing venue. 17 of the world’s best female surfers will participate in the competition, including Courtney Conlogue and CocoHo from the Swatch elite sports team, both of whom are expected to achieve good results in this competition.
   Courtney is representing the leading yellow shirt owner for most of this year and currently ranks first in the world. This home game will surely receive the enthusiastic support of the audience in her hometown. Playing in a familiar venue from childhood will help her win her first world Champion laurel. ‘This year’s championship fight will be fierce, but it is still too early,’ Courteny said. ‘I just focus on doing my best in the next game, which means playing at a level that I like best.’

   At the same time, Coco won a lot of confidence in the important series qualifying victory at nearby Oceanside in July this year. ‘The waves at Trestles are perfect for me,’ Coco said. ‘This summer’s victory in California gave me more confidence, and I hope this helps me get a good result this season.’
   In addition to participating in water competitions, Coco will also showcase her new Swatch Special Edition during the competition. She is also involved in the design of this watch, injecting her unique free personality, creativity and originality, it is a watch with the same characteristics as Coco’s creative personality but full of fun surfing. Coming soon, stay tuned!