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Rickey Porter Leads Bmc Racing Team To France

From July 1st to July 23rd, the BMC Racing Team will compete on French roads and mountains during the French Tour de France, led by Australian Porter Qi Porter-he will wear Iconic yellow jersey.

Miles Scottson and teammates play team time trial
   The Tour de France route has traditionally circled France clockwise and then around the country counterclockwise the following year. For the first time in 25 years, the Tour de France winds its way through the five French mountains in 25 years.

Manuel Quinziato sprinting in 2017 Selon Hammer Series

   The event will start on Sunday in Dusseldorf, Germany. With the support of TAG Heuer, BMC Racing Team will end the jihad where Chris Froome won his fourth Tour de France championship in five years.

Fly from the Pyrenees to southwestern France, and then reach the Central Plateau before the game. The game is likely to be set in the Alps, and the end of stage 18 will be unprecedentedly set on the top of the Izoar
   His former teammate and current team leader of the BMC Racing Team, Rich Potter, is on the verge of a championship and is Froom’s most threatening competitor. Ritchie Porter has already won the Tour Down Under and Tour de Romandie this season, while Sky’s drivers have averaged out.

2017 Paris-Roubaix champion Greg Van Aweimat and his teammates from the BMC racing team at the 81st Tour de Switzerland

   In order to ensure that Rich Potter won, BMC Racing Team Manager Jim Ohovich also chose Nicholas Rozi (Ireland), Alessandro Demaki (Italy) and Amael Muanne (France) as deputy. Team members include Damiano Caruso (Italy), Stefan King (Switzerland), Rich Porter (Australia), Michael Schall (Switzerland), Greg Van Avemat ( Belgium), Danilo-Vis (Switzerland), they all wear TAG Heuer Connected Modular smart watches (45 mm) on their wrists.

BMC Racing Team on the podium of the Tour de Switzerland
   Rich Porter joined the BMC Racing team in 2016, and at the age of 32 he has renewed his contract with the team. The Australian driver has won two stage championships on the UCI World Tour since joining the team, and won five stage championships in the 2016 Tour de France, ranking fifth overall.
   TAG Heuer fully supports BMC Racing Team drivers in the final victory in the Tour de France.

Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Releases The New Lv55 Small Size Ladies Watch

Louis Vuitton draws inspiration from the brand’s legendary aluminum hard case design and launches the new LV55 watch, which has the typical simple lines of stainless steel and is full of modernity, bringing the brand’s timepiece series Taken a whole new dimension. One of the 31 mm watches is specially designed for women, slim and stylish, which is very suitable for women’s daily wear.

Inspired by the legendary hard case lock metal badge


   Inspired by the tradition and history of Louis Vuitton, the LV55 watch carries several distinctive features and elements of the brand. The most notable is the two riveted metal badges engraved with the brand name on the upper and lower bezels, just like this historical iconic aluminum Tribute to the hard box. Since 1890, Louis Vuitton’s patented multi-brake locks that cannot be pried open have been ensuring the safety of brand luggage. The carved crown also implies that this watch is deeply rooted in the creative world of Louis Vuitton.
Iconic V dial hour-markers

   The dial design is full of modernity, and exquisite handcrafted by experienced watchmakers. The center of the dial has a matte polished sunburst, and the dial’s outer ring is a matte polished ring. The highly detailed dial has two layers: the raised circular scale is placed on the upper layer like a relief, and the hour and minute hands are placed on the lower layer. The three, six, and nine o’clock timescales are all V-shaped, echoing the famous three V logo on the brand luggage, and the twelve o’clock timescale is set with the classic LV logo.

   The hands of the watch boldly adopt the cat’s eye green, which highlights the originality and maverick temperament.
31 mm size

   This LV55 31 mm watch is a small, feminine model with an hour and minute hands and an ETA 256.031 quartz movement for excellent timekeeping and precision, perfect for everyday wear. At the same time, the LV55 also has a medium model with a slightly neutral 36 mm diameter. It is equipped with a stainless steel chain strap that fits the curve of the wrist highly and is comfortable to wear. It is also equipped with feminine charm ballet pink, deep masculine obsidian black, and gentle shale gray cowhide leather strap.
  The LV55 watch is just like the legendary suitcase of the brand. It is a perfect companion in life journey, subtle elegance and can inspire endless inspiration.