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Non-luxury Watch Consumption: Hour Meter · Timing

The most difficult thing to calculate in the world is time. But the word timepiece reveals people’s ambitions: not only recording time, but also counting time. Therefore, people do not hesitate to use complicated calculations to create a practical chronograph by hand. Insiders said: ‘The enthusiasm of major brands for chronographs reflects the return of Swiss fine watchmaking to practicality.’ For watch lovers, the powerful functions of chronographs have given them one after another. One good reason.
Deep into the consciousness of the chronograph
本地 A local cultural celebrity brother said to me that a person’s wealth has three components: material wealth, spiritual wealth, and controllable time. It’s a little bit lower, at least you can control the time of one and a half laps on your wrist.
When you run, you can calculate how long it took you to run around the community. When you drive, you can accurately calculate the average speed or set reminder time before the appointment … these are chronographs The interesting and practical functions are often put on the table to talk about, although not everyone with a chronograph likes to make calculations everywhere. In fact, will people who like chronographs have such a subconscious mind? Because it has real controllability, between the one-click and one-push, reading, and zeroing between you and the watch, you have an interaction with the watch and have a response, because you participated in the flow of time and broke through the gear machinery Working icy attributes. Is this nothing more than a manifestation of one’s desire to control time?
Some literary theories are that if photography is the art of freezing for a while, chronograph is the art of freezing for a period of time. It is said that the English chronograph ‘chronograph’ was originally composed of the ancient Greek chronos (time) and graph (writing). What you have done during this time, and thus the fluidity over time is documented.
Traditional chronographs usually have a large dial with three small ‘sub-dials’ (the chronograph minute hand, chronograph hour hand, and small second hand). Of course, there are now many new display methods. For example, the hour and minute chronograph circles are integrated in a sub-dial, or the ornamental functions such as tourbillon, moon phases, and perpetual calendar are integrated into the chronograph.
Longines Admiral’s column wheel chronograph Tudor sponsored racing competition
Non-luxury watch consumption
If you think buying an expensive tourbillon is a luxury, then a chronograph usually makes it easier for you to make a decision.
常常 We often see major watch brands in various competitions. This is not a general sponsorship, but a manifestation of technical strength. For example, the cooperation between Tudor and racing competitions has sponsored the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia in Shanghai just in the past April; Longines cooperated with Italian Ferrari to become the designated timekeeper of the Formula One World Championship and to become an international gymnastic Designated timepieces for all international competitive and rhythmic gymnastics competitions of the Board. The Earl’s Polo FortyFive chronograph was born for polo.
Going to the snow-capped mountains, diving into the sea, running on land, flying in mid-air, a chronograph with such powerful functions, compared with those traditional and luxurious tourbillons and minute repeaters, the price can save a lot, How can you stay away?
Swarovski OCTEA CHRONO Purple
In fact, you only need to look at the chronographs that appeared at this year’s Basel Watch Fair, and even fashion watch brands like Swarovski have launched their own first chronograph, which shows the extent of this boom.
LV’s Voyagez Tachometer automatic chronograph in Basel this year, based on the theme of road travel, accurately measures the average speed of the vehicle during the journey; Tudor launched a new Grantour Chrono Fly-Back model this year. With real-time redesign and instantaneous zeroing, the wearer can quickly time several consecutive times; Longines’ Admiral’s column wheel chronograph is both classic and practical.
Tissot Competition Series
The practical Tissot Wisdom Series is more all-weather and suitable for use in many sports. For example, a log function that can record individual game results and data, dual time zone function, dual alarm and background lighting. For those who are interested in marine sports, whether it is water sports or diving, you can use the tide calculator and compass function. There is even an all-white product in the same series, which is suitable for women to wear, taking care of the different needs of men and women.