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Chen Bailin’s ‘flower Shao’ And Iwc Watches Embark On An Adventure

The adventure of being alone is a challenge to oneself, and it is also an adventure of who we are. The meaning of life is to constantly explore, look forward to the future, and be curious about the unknown. Each step forward, each answer search, whether it is affirmation or negation, is a life experience, tempering the mind, the opportunity to transform and regenerate. Because I love life, I am willing to walk around the world and experience a wonderful life. IWC watches with you all the time, and accompanies you to start a wonderful and wonderful journey, shining in this gorgeous world.

Chen Bailin wore the special edition watch of the ‘Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation’ wearing IWC’s Vinci chronograph watch and embarked on the journey of ‘Flower and Youth 3. Adventure Season’

Alone, accompanied by a dog, across the mysterious and ancient Namibian desert. Self-driving tours during the day, and night wind meals. Chen Bailin was in the barren desert, but was at ease. Driving on the highway, the road meets the male lion antelope, sits and meditates outside the account, and sees the setting sun. He takes every moment seriously and enjoys one’s time. Maybe a person traveling alone can better call the beginning of heart and talk to the soul. In the process of searching for herself, Chen Bailin expressed the mechanical beauty of the special edition watch of the ‘Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation’ of Vinci chronograph with IWC.

Chen Bailin has always been a model of trendy men in clothing, and can easily cope with different occasions. He has a unique vision to choose a variety of IWC watches, highlighting his casual and confident warm menswear

Chen Bailin wore a special edition watch of the IWC Express Vinci chronograph ‘Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation’ to attend the 2017 SIHH (pictured left)
Chen Bailin wears IWC IWC large pilot series TOP GUN Navy Air Combat Force watch to attend the 2017 Filmmaker Night Event (pictured)
Chen Bailin wears IWC Portuguese automatic watch for fashion blockbuster (pictured right)

IWC Ivansi Chronograph “Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation” Special Edition (Model: IW393402) Stainless steel watch / Diameter 42mm / Self-winding chronograph movement / Date display, hour, minute and second Features / Flyback function / Waterproof 3 bar / Limited edition of 1500 pieces / Reference price 97,800 RMB

IWC IWC Large Pilot Series TOP GUN Naval Air Force Watch (Model: IW502001) Ceramic Case / 46mm Diameter / Automatic Winding Movement / Power Reserve Display, Date Display / Sapphire Glass / Waterproof 6 Bar / Reference 107,000 RMB

IWC Portuguese Automatic Watch (Model: IW500701) 18k red gold case / 42.3 mm diameter / automatic movement / power reserve display, date display / pendulum with 18K gold badge / waterproof 3 bar / reference price 162,000 RMB