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Express Your Professional Dna With Tudor

In the workplace
Some people are rigorous and focused, others dare to taste new
Some people are low-key and calm, others are independent
Different personalities, each with their own expertise
There is also an exclusive Tudor that can represent you.
What kind of professional personality do you belong to?
Biwan stainless steel has both technology and aesthetics
Occupation type: Engineer / Architect / Designer
  Pursue the accuracy and safety of each test, and focus on the detailed design of repeated modifications on the drawings. Besides proficient in technology, it also has a keen sense of beauty. Perseverance in professionalism, just like Tudor Biwan stainless steel.

  Frosted stainless steel, made of all-steel outer ring, delivers strong and wear-resistant characteristics at all times, meeting the strict requirements of process and quality in your field.

  The MT5612 movement is accurate and reliable, just like your professional performance in every design, test and acceptance. The links on both sides of the strap are connected by rivet heads in a stepped shape, always taking into account precise proportions and mathematical aesthetics. Focus on the details without losing toughness.

Green Bay Greenwich fearless jet lag
Occupation: Business / Pilot
  Work, never more than one time. Starting from the East Eighth District, flying over the Greenwich Meridian, every day spans the distance of time and space and conquers the distant in the eyes of others. If you are a ‘flying trapeze’, the Greenwich type of Biwan is born for you.

  The eye-catching red and blue half circle, with its distinctive features, is the most unique sign on your body. The two-way rotating outer ring is engraved with a 24-hour scale, wine red is printed with a 12-hour scale during the day, blue is printed with a 12-hour scale at night, and a red snowflake pointer is convenient for reading time in other time zones. A watch with multiple time zones is suitable for you who can handle multi-tasking, and flying around the world is free of worry.

Biwan timing type pursues extreme speed
Occupation: Racer / Athlete
  Naturally obsessed with catching up time, controlling speed, and maximizing human potential. In the face of competition, strong performance is strong. Every breath-taking moment can be extraordinary. Destined to belong to the arena, you are destined to have Biwan timing.

  The chronograph boldly combines the diving watch tradition represented by the Biwan series with the essence of racing chronographs. Both depth and speed challenge the limits of humankind and you are like-minded in pursuit of outstanding performance. The watch’s frosted steel outer ring comes with a tachometer scale for perfect timing. It is suitable for you who are fighting against each other on the track of life and strive to lead.

Extreme exploration of the unknown
Occupation type: Researcher / Outdoor Explorer
  Observe carefully, conduct rigorous research, and obtain primary data. Can withstand the wind and sun, can hold one side of the world. Life is to constantly challenge the peaks in front of you and never stop. Interpret your life with a unique style.

  Life is endless, and challenges are endless. The signature movement MT5621, whose pulse can be seen from the sapphire case back, is in sync with your original intention to venture. The watch is shockproof and anti-collision. The middle case has sharp edges and corners, and the subtle details make it soft and soft. Even in the face of severe tests, you can accurately judge, calm down, and overcome the difficulties perfectly.

Industry specializing in surgery
Tudor professional watch
‘Express’ your professional DNA

Hamilton Hamilton Behind The Scenes Heroes

On September 13, 2012, the Hamilton Behind the Scenes Heroes Ceremony (BTCA) Award Ceremony, founded by Hamilton Watch, was held in Beijing Water Cube. This is the first time BTCA has landed in Hollywood since its establishment. Outside the United States. That night, more than forty Chinese film and entertainment celebrities and senior behind-the-scenes workers, including judges Jia Zhangke, Yu Nan, Ye Jintian, and Yan Geling, were present at the ceremony.
The sponsor and sponsor of the ceremony, the Hamilton Watch, has been inextricably linked with the Hollywood screen since 1951, and has been in more than 400 titles such as ‘Pearl Harbor’, ‘Man in Black’ and ‘Superman Returns’. Featured in the blockbuster; in the process, Hamilton was deeply aware of the great contribution behind filmmakers to the film industry, so he founded the annual ‘Hamilton Heroes Festival’ in Hollywood.

Hamilton Global President Sylvain Dolla and Award Presenter Chen Xiaodong

Judges: Only knowing can produce deep love
This is one of the judges’sentiments when speaking about the concept of’ behind the scenes heroes ‘in an exclusive interview. In his opinion, the significance of Hamilton’s behind-the-scenes heroes ceremony is’ to allow the audience to Have a holistic understanding, because only true and clear understanding can produce deep love. ‘
The Chinese film industry is already hustle and bustle, but in fact there is still a long way to go. Hamilton’s behind-the-scenes heroic ceremony hopes to get rid of all performances and politeness. Beginning with the behind-the-scenes workers in the film industry, he examines the true standing of the entire industry. To pay tribute to the heroes behind the scenes. As the director Jia Zhangke said, the creativity and texture of a movie benefited from the efforts of all the people behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes of Hamilton’s heroic ceremony Ni Ni walks the red carpet

Star: Stealth darkness, only for the most sincere tribute
In previous Hollywood festivals, many big names such as Judy Foster, Anne Hathaway, Robert Pattinson, etc. have stood on this stage. The stars were hidden from the darkness, launched their partners behind the scenes, and gave them bright spotlights. The contrast between light and dark is the most noble tribute to those behind the scenes in the American film industry.
For the first time, the stars acted as award-winners, paying tribute to these true behind-the-scenes heroes. At this moment, all eyes are on the award-winning behind-the-scenes people, praising their contributions to the film industry. For example, Ni Ni, the new ‘mourning girl’, the swaying style of Jinling Thirteen Sisters has attracted the attention of many people. At this award ceremony, Ni Ni will pay tribute to the staff behind Jinling Thirteen Sisters. Thanks for the beautiful sway that is perfectly presented by the efforts behind the scenes.

Singapore singer Wong Yida and band members

Behind the scenes: set yourself up and be a Chinese film escort
The list of awards covers a wide range, from the annual blockbuster ‘Jinling Thirteen’ to the small production literary film ‘Steel Piano’, from the popular ‘Sister Tao’ to the black humorous ‘Mr. Hello Tree’, box office Not the only criterion for judging. No great movie is successful only by actors. Every lamp, every beam of light, every line, every action design, every piece of music … perfect combination. Can make a great movie.
Each one is behind the scenes to create today’s Chinese film industry, including a number of international-level masters:
Tao Jing who has won the ‘best sound effect’ this time, his works are like Thunder Pass: ‘Alive’, ‘Farewell My Concubine’, ‘Ambush on Ten Faces’, ‘Hero’, ‘Thirteen Jinling’, and even the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games The sound effects of the opening and closing ceremonies are his masterpieces. Another example is Zhang Meng, screenwriter and director of ‘Steel Piano’. He is known as ‘the new power of Chinese literary films.’ He just has a simple film ideal, ‘I think we should take the camera and record the entire era.’
The ‘Best Breakthrough Spirit Award’ specially set up by the conference gave documentary director Xu Xin, because of ‘Karamay’, he has always been concerned about the living conditions of the bottom of China, especially vulnerable groups and minorities. For the author, the record itself is a way to participate in the construction of history. That night’s other award, ‘Hamilton’s Special Hero Contribution Award’, was given to art director Zhang Shuping. He has liked movies since he was 14 years old. He persisted in his dreams and gave the audience too many surprises: In The Mood for Love, Zhang Manyuna Twenty-three sets of stunning and unforgettable cheongsams; Leslie Cheung’s yellow stripe cardigan in ‘Spring’s Glee’ has become a classic in the movie.
Too many behind-the-scenes workers are working hard and persevering in these simple movie dreams, but when the public can recognize these simple dreams and attachments, or as Ye Jintian mentioned, ‘the value of behind-the-scenes staff can be overall When presenting, everyone can feel safe and secure because of their own work. ‘Chinese movies may be truly powerful, aside from the frivolous pursuit of name and profit.

Top Luxury Boutique Parmigiani Dual Time Zone Watch

In other words, I have n’t seen anything big when I was young. Even though I have a strong interest in mechanical timepieces, in that era, the most direct contact was limited to the grandmother’s cabinet. A little clock. When it’s all time, the ethereal melody of the time tells me in my childhood memories. Later, as I grew older, I realized that at that time, adults also felt that the ‘Western watch’ was novel, from the cuckoo that could tell the time to the various mechanical watches that came into contact with it, it was also considered some vision. But maybe the state of mind is different at this time. Even after seeing many different types of watches later, I always feel that there is no sense of weight that bears the years, so I simply think that the timepiece is just ‘ Timepiece. ‘
Innovation and repair do not conflict
  Later, although it has come to the era when quartz watches are prevalent, more people will go after the trend brought by the industrialized machinery, but many people still do not want to follow the trend.

Michel Parmigiani

  Michel Parmigiani has become an outstanding watchmaker since 1975. He set up his own studio to focus on restoration work. During the day, he restored the stunning work of the watchmaking past, while at night he focused on personal creation. Every piece repaired by Michel Parmigiani reveals the secrets of the mechanical mechanism of the watch and enriches his technical knowledge and expertise as a watchmaker.

Repairing complex clocks

 On May 29, 1996, a brand that adhered to ‘maintaining classics’ and ‘innovation’-PARMIGIANI came into being. It represents the profound and complex restoration of watches and clocks under the name of Michel Parmigiani, represents the classic and harmonious high-end watches, and also represents the innovation of watchmaking tradition.
  Thus, timepieces may be more than just ‘timepieces’.
Cousins ​​call it ‘the samurai walking around the Middle Ages’
  Since we want to see the Parmigiani brand, we have to look at its most classic series-the Toric series. Toric is the first watch created by Michel Parmigiani for the Parmigiani brand. It is also the first watch launched by the brand in 1996. It is in many ways Parmigiani The founding work of Nepal.

Parmigiani’s new Toric Hémisphères Rétrograde watch (model: PFC493-1000200-HA1242)

  Subsequent Toric Hémisphères Rétrograde Slate watch-the first collection created by Michel Parmigiani and a wonderful fusion of the travel world. With two independent time indicators, its self-winding mechanical movement can display the time at any two places at the same time, accurate to the minute, perfectly integrating innovation with traditional classics. This watch was exhibited at this year’s Geneva watch fair.

18K rose gold case diameter 42.8 mm
  The case is alternately decorated with circular engravings and knurling. The aesthetic inspiration is derived from Greek stone pillars, making the watch’s brand characteristics easy to recognize. Each knurl is handcrafted with gears, allowing the metal to roll through under the standard pitch of the gears. Since 1996, Michelle Parmigiani has given each Toric case a unique style.

  The crown at 2 o’clock on the side is used to adjust the second time zone with an accuracy of minutes. The main crown at 4 o’clock is used to wind the movement and set the time, as well as to set the date.

Continuing the core soul of the brand ‘Repairing Old Timepieces’

Countless ‘golden ratios’ in nature

  The unique rock-grey dial is decorated with hand-embossed machine-engraved patterns, which is extremely complicated and entirely handmade. That is to say, the repetitive decorative pattern is engraved on the material, and the watchmaker who is fully proficient in this skill is rare. The carefully chosen concentric pattern is reminiscent of the scale-like layout on the pine cone-this is one of the countless ‘golden ratios’ in nature.

The 12 o’clock position is the second time zone time display and is associated with the day and night display window next to it.

6 o’clock with main time zone day and night indicator

  The lower edge of the dial is also equipped with a semi-circular retrograde date indicator, which returns when the hour hand indicating the date reaches the end.

PF317 movement

  This watch is equipped with a PF317 movement, equipped with two barrels in series, which improves isochronism and rate stability. It can provide 50 hours of power reserve when fully wound. The movement is adorned with ‘Geneva Ripples’ and chamfered bridges, which can be viewed through the back cover design. The finely carved 18K rose gold rotor is also visible.
  At the end, you can say objectively and plainly: ‘Yes, this is the artwork in the timepiece.’