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Omega Ladymatic Women’s Watches Recommended

Have you ever imagined a women’s watch that not only recalls the dazzling design style of the golden age of the fashion industry, but also carries the world’s most outstanding mechanical watch movement. Can the beautiful ideal of combining the two be realized?
 Omega’s answer was concise: Ladymatic.

Omega Ladymatic Women’s Watch. Red gold case and bracelet, bezel set with diamonds, ultra-white mother-of-pearl dial (Product number: 425.

Legendary watch, glorious new life
 Ladymatic recreates a legendary model in Omega’s glorious history. The Ladymatic watch series was born in 1955. In that era, its feminine charm and elegant style continued for nearly an era. This is Omega’s first self-winding watch series designed specifically for women, and is equipped with the smallest automatic movement ever made by Omega.
 Through the subtle fusion of original design style and innovative coaxial technology, Omega has perfectly created the new Ladymatic women’s watch series, injecting new meaning into this legendary watch name. This model not only highlights the unique fashion taste, but also worth mentioning is that she is perfectly equipped with the world’s most outstanding serial production mechanical movement. Her glorious new life will definitely satisfy women’s eager desire to have such a perfect watch.

Omega Ladymatic Women’s Watch. Red gold case and mother-of-pearl white alligator leather strap, ultra-white mother-of-pearl dial (Product number: 425.

 Oscar filmmaker Nicole & middot; Kidman, who became the Omega celebrity ambassador in 2005, perfected the Ladymatic watch. When talking about Omega’s choice of Ladymatic, a name born in the 1950s, to name this series of watches, Nicole & middot; Kidman said: ‘This expression is very attractive. It was a glamorous age of fashion. Now we do n’t need to dial back the hands, but we can also experience the joy of that time through this extraordinary watch series. At the same time, the Ladymatic series represents the peak achievements of pioneering watchmaking technology. Therefore, it is bound to attract everyone’s attention and become the focus. & rdquo;

From 1955 to 2010, the essence of Ladymatic has not changed.

Omega Ladymatic Women’s Watch. Left: Gold case and mother-of-pearl white alligator leather strap, ultra-white mother-of-pearl dial; Right: Red gold case and mother-of-pearl white alligator leather strap, ultra-white mother-of-pearl dial (Product number: left is 425.63.34.20. 55.002, right is 425.

 When Omega first introduced the Ladymatic watch in 1955, the name accurately conveyed the characteristics of this series: the self-winding watch specially developed for women.
 Commenting on the glorious new life of the name Ladymatic, Stephen Urquhart, Omega’s global president, said: ‘We understand that the name looks different today than it did more than half a century ago. But what hasn’t changed is that the new Ladymatic watch designed for women is still outstanding. We listened to the opinions of female customers and learned that they value the superior quality of mechanical movements as well as the extraordinary design of watch appearances. & rdquo;
 Okehua also said: ‘The name Ladymatic has been reborn, representing Omega’s emphasis on female consumers. For years, female consumers have been an important customer group for Omega. At the same time, the new birth of the Ladymatic watch series will lead the development trend of women’s mechanical watches in the 21st century worldwide. & rdquo;
 Nicole & middot; Kidman and Okewa agreed, she said: ‘Today, there is no gender distinction in the quality of watch movements.’ Women and men are as concerned about watches Accuracy when walking. Ladymatic is the perfect choice for women’s watches. & rdquo;

Omega Ladymatic Women’s Watch. Stainless steel case and bracelet, bezel set with diamonds, black lacquered dial (Product number: 425.

 All models of the Omega Ladymatic women’s watch series use a 34 mm polished case, with an ingenious ceramic ring located between the decorative ripple of the outer ring and the main body of the inner ring case. The case is available in three materials: 18K red gold, 18K yellow gold and stainless steel. The polished screw-down crown is inlaid with ‘Brilliant OMEGA CUT’ diamonds, or embossed with the polished Omega logo. The bezel is available in polished and ‘snowflake inlay’ diamond styles. The newly launched Omega Ladymatic 18K red gold model is not only inlaid with a large number of bright-cut diamonds on the bezel with the ‘snowflake inlay’ technique, but also on the outer edge of the case with a large number of diamonds, which is more luxurious. Head.
Omega Ladymatic Women’s Watch. Gold case and bracelet, bezel set with diamonds, black lacquered dial, original ceramic ring is located between the outer ring decorative ripple and the inner ring case body (Product number: 425.
 Through the polished sapphire crystal case back, the powerful movement is clearly visible. Ladymatic watches use the Omega 8520/8521 coaxial movement. At the heart of the movement is the coaxial escapement device that was born in 1999. This escapement declared the epoch-making change of the mechanical watchmaking industry. The movement is also equipped with Omega’s unique Si 14 silicon balance spring. This innovative achievement enables the watch to be largely resistant to the effects of external vibration and environmental interference during operation.

Omega Ladymatic Women’s Watch Stainless Steel Sapphire Case Back. Through the case back, you can clearly see the perfect operation of the Omega 8520 coaxial movement (Product Number: 425.

 Every watch of the Omega Ladymatic women’s watch series has been awarded the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) certification. The coaxial movement equipped with a silicon balance spring brings more stable and extraordinary performance. Therefore, every Ladymatic watch will have a warranty of up to 4 years.

Omega Ladymatic Women’s Watch. Red gold case and bracelet, bezel set with diamonds, brown dial (article number: 425.

 The dial of the Ladymatic watch radiates from the center to the surroundings, which is extremely dazzling. The ultra-white mother-of-pearl, black lacquer or mellow brown dial are elegant and stand out against the striking ceramic ring. The hour scale of the dial is embodied by 11 diamonds set in 18K gold arched brackets, or the hour scale is not used, which is low-key and concise. The brightly polished date window is located at 3 o’clock. The polished beveled hands are made of 18K gold and coated with a luminous coating, which allows the watch to clearly indicate the time under any light conditions.
 Omega Ladymatic watches either use the same bracelet material as the case, or white mother of pearl, bright black or brown alligator leather strap. The metal bracelet features an Omega patented 3-row chain needle design with a butterfly buckle. The alligator leather strap with polished original lugs is made of the same material as the case, and the folding buckle is made of 18K gold. The Omega Ladymatic women’s watch series inherits some of the original design styles, perfectly combining timeless and elegant design with Omega’s breakthrough watchmaking technology. The Ladymatic women’s watch series equipped with coaxial escapement technology and showing unique and fashionable charm, draws the essence of the 1950s, and has been completely refurbished and upgraded.

Omega Ladymatic Women’s Watch. Red gold case and bracelet, bezel set with diamonds, ultra-white mother-of-pearl dial, corrugated diamonds on the side of the case (article number: 425.
 Omega was born in 1848 and belongs to the Swatch Group, the world’s leading watch group. For more than 160 years, Omega has become synonymous with excellence, innovation and precision. Loyal to the pioneering spirit of the brand’s roots, Omega is committed to innovation in many fields such as sports timing, precision technology and design, and spares no effort to promote the progress of watchmaking technology and the development of watchmaking history. It is this innovative spirit that has led Omega to dive into the deep sea and travel to space. For a long time, through numerous partnership agreements signed with top sports events such as golf, bobsled, rowing, track and field and swimming, Omega actively promotes the accurate performance of sports timing and strives for perfection. Since 1932, Omega has been awarded the Olympic Games designated timing task for 24 consecutive times, the last two being the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. In the 2012 London Olympic Games and the Olympic Games until 2020, Omega will also repeat this task.