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Enchanting Beauty Chanel Premiere H3058 Watch Appreciation

The Chanel PREMIERE series is a ladies decorative watch series known for square watches. It has two types of ordinary bracelets and extended bracelets. There are two options for small and large sizes. Of course, large The model is actually not too big, compared with most women’s watches, large models still look more exquisite.
 The ‘PREMIÈRE’ in the CHANEL PREMIÈRE series name means first in French. The reason why the series is named ‘first’ is not only to commemorate the first watch launched by Chanel in 1987, but also to the chief tailor of Chanel. A tribute to Première.

Today, we introduce the Chanel PREMIÈRE series model H3058 to everyone. The unique appearance and exquisite shape have won the favor of many ladies.
 Originating from the classic bottle cap shape of Chanel’s famous N ° 5 perfume and the unique octagonal dial designed by Paris Chandon Place where Miss Chanel’s lady is located, 156 sections composed of small and exquisite steel and high-tech compact ceramics The movable chain strap (53 cm) can be wound three times around the wrist, like a woman’s slim body, allowing time to flow down. Both the overall appearance and details show Chanel’s superior advanced craftsmanship, as well as the elegant and charming temperament of ladies.

 Under the simple and clean appearance of the Chanel PREMIÈRE series watches, the ticking accompanied the achievements of millions of events, to control their time for the new era women with their own ideas. In 2013, the Chanel PREMIÈRE series watch is based on different metal materials and is matched with dark onyx to integrate different styles to let time pass by.
Watch details: chanel / 16259 /

He Yichunguang Soft Color Wrist Watch

The warm spring is coming, and the ever-growing things quietly give birth to new life, and people are also rejuvenating, welcoming the embrace of spring with a new attitude. The breeze passed away, taking away people’s fatigue and anxiety, exuding a fresh and natural breath, and letting people start a new journey in the bright and beautiful. In this season when Swiss vitality is full of vitality, it selects the commander’s full series of observatory-certified ultra-long power reserve watches and ladies’ DONNA watches, and uses super power to accumulate energy to help you set sail at full speed in the spring; gentle rhythm, Use the tick pointer to walk around to witness the biting time of the grass long warbler flying.

  A touch of vibrant golden spring
  Commander’s full range of Observatory certified ultra-long power reserve watches

  Behind the soft spring time is the vitality and vitality of all things. The cold has completely faded away, and the warm sunshine nourishes people’s ever-growing hopes. In this vibrant season, Mido Commander series men’s watches play the rhythm of life on the wrist and welcome the spring with a strong momentum.

  Mido Commander’s full range of observatory-certified ultra-long power reserve watches are equipped with Caliber80 automatic mechanical movements, with a power reserve time of up to 80 hours. The ultra-long power reserve is like the vigorous vitality of all things in spring, constantly highlighting the momentum , Beat the pulse of life fortitude with precise walking. The round case with stainless steel material, the tough lines jump to the wrist, allowing men’s charm to bloom in the bright spring. The diamond-cut hour and minute hands draw an arc of time traveling on the open dial, and use the steps of time to measure the beautiful moments in the infinite spring. The golden color is splattered on the 12 scales, and like spring, it opens up infinite hope and embraces beautiful imagination. The strong ‘core’ dirty will save you unlimited power in the spring, showing the man’s pride.

  Pretty intellectual leaps nature
  Donna women’s watch

  In the spring when the long grass warbler flies, the soft sunlight is inadvertently sprayed, and the warm beam of light caresses people’s faces, conveying the warmth of care. Elegant and charming, Mido DONNA ladies watch will bring women’s feelings to bloom in spring.
  The DONNA women’s watch is so refreshing and clear, it shines proudly with its graceful design. The gentle and delicate outline is like her vibrant and beautiful face, always exuding vitality and a bright imagination for the future. The rose gold case exudes the golden light of the sun, just like her inner love for life and warm femininity, simple and exquisite. The warm and clear dial is decorated with radial sun rays, and the lines radiating to the surrounding are soft and beautiful, adding a dynamic rhythm. The rose gold inter-gold strap with folding buckle cleverly blends the colors of Hiroshi Kasuga with the stainless steel tough material. Perseverance is permeated with resilience, reminiscent of the self-confidence and determination of contemporary women in society.

Technical Information

Mido Commander’s full range of Observatory-certified ultra-long power reserve watches
Caliber80 Observatory-certified automatic mechanical movement, diameter 25.60 mm, thickness 5.22 mm, 25 diamonds, finely-crafted movement decorated with blue screws, oscillating weight carved with Geneva ripple and Mido logo, adjusted in five directions for precise travel time Sex. Up to 80 hours power reserve.
Case 316L stainless steel PVD gold-plated, mercerized polished, polished bezel, diameter 40mm, three parts, hemispherical sapphire mirror, transparent back, you can see the beautifully decorated movement, the back is engraved with the product number. 50 meters waterproof.
Strap 316L stainless steel PVD gold plated with stainless steel folding clasp
Dial Sunlight pattern, independent scale. The scale is white super-LumiNova®. The day of the week and date windows are at 3 o’clock.
Hands Diamond polished, hour and minute hands, hands treated with white Super? LumiNova®, ensuring clear readings at night

Mido DONNA Women’s Watch

Movement ETA2824-2 self-winding mechanical movement, diameter 25.6mm, thickness 4.60mm, 25 diamonds, hour, minute and date display, power reserve over 38 hours
Case Mercerized polished 316L stainless steel PVD rose gold-plated case, diameter 33mm, thickness 10.6mm, double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror, transparent back with beautifully decorated movement, 50 meters waterproof
Dial The center of the dial is decorated with radioactive sun rays and the date window is at six o’clock
Strap 316L stainless steel PVD rose gold plated with folding buckle