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Vacheron Constantin Won The & Quot; Vogue Jewels Awards 2009 & Quot;.

The Vogue Jewels Awards 2009 awards ceremony was held in Madrid (Spain). The eye-catching watch Kallania won the ‘Best Jewellery Watch’.
Vacheron Constantin’s international image spokesperson, the famous Spanish Symphony Orchestra conductor Inma Shara and Vacheron Constantin’s brand manager Jean Louis Queimado attended the event. The award is a recognition of the exquisite work that inspired the producer’s chief artisan to set a new world record: 186 emerald-shaped diamonds totaling nearly 170 carats, and the whole watch is brilliantly illuminated. Carefully crafted perfection.
Kallania is a masterpiece, the successor to the famous Kallista, which has been celebrating its 30th anniversary to this year.

Vacheron Constantin’s international image ambassador, and the famous Spanish Symphony Orchestra conductor Inma Shara is honored to receive the award.
Each diamond of this watch has gone through a long selection process, selected from many diamonds. The selected diamonds are produced in millions of tons of diamond mines. The selected diamonds are all obtained by SSEF-Swiss Gemological Institute (Swiss Gemmological Institute) independent laboratory independent certification. Its purity, color, cut and polishing levels are very rare, and even more rare is the consistency of all diamonds.
Vacheron Constantin perfectly combines traditional skills with modern design, once again establishing his insurmountable position in the 21st century. This collector’s beloved thing shows that he has real value. He has the world’s thinnest mechanical movement, the 1003 caliber. Developed and produced by Vacheron Constantin with the distinguished Geneva mark.

Kallania – Ref. 33870 / S02G-9452
Source: Vacheron Constantin