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Glasutti Original Moon Phases Reflecting Centennial Moonlight

There is a shortfall in the month, which records the passage of time and has become the earliest time calendar criterion for human beings. As a time carrier, the timepiece delicately displays the moon phase function in the loupe on the wrist. Originating from ingenious watchmaking skills, the Member’s Excellence Grand Calendar Moon Phase Watch uses a finer moon phase disc gear to make the change of the moon phase more precise, adding a chic and elegant taste to the moon phase timepiece. On this occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, Glashütte’s original moon phase timepiece is so accurate to share the holiday time with you.
Precise moon phase

Senator Excellence Grand Calendar Moon Phase Watch

   Each of the parliamentary remarkable calendar moon phase watches equipped with Calibre 36 movements has been tested for 24 days at the factory in Saxony. The test includes a test of the accuracy of the watch and also the watch Rigorous testing of aesthetics to achieve higher standards of stability, uptime and aesthetics. The elegant dial design puts the moon phase at the elaborate dial at 10 o’clock, contrasting with the natural “timepiece” given by nature. The precise gear operation guarantees the precise operation of the moon phases, which enables the MPS Moon Phase Watch to correct the moon phase error for one day every 122 years, thereby realizing accurate travel time across the century.
   In addition, Glashütte’s original moon phase family watch, whether it is a complicated but simple operation of the parliamentary excellent perpetual calendar watch, or the eccentric moon phase watch designed in accordance with the golden section, add more elegance to this Mid-Autumn Festival.
Concise moon complex inner core

Parliamentary Excellence Perpetual Calendar

   The parliamentary excellence perpetual calendar also equipped with Calibre 36 movement, the combination of innovative silicon hairspring guarantees the accurate operation of parliamentary excellence perpetual calendar watches. Even though the craftsmanship is complicated, the parliamentary excellent perpetual calendar watch makes it easy to adjust the perpetual calendar: first determine whether it is a leap year, and then adjust the time to a safe area, you can set the year, month, date, day of the week and time. With simple adjustments, it is no longer difficult to control the parliamentary watch with excellent perpetual calendar. The subtle design of the dial clearly shows each time information, showing excellent legibility. The moon phase is the finishing touch of the dial. The semi-circular arc covers the moon phase in harmony, adding a chic masculinity to the watch owner. The moon phase relief in the blue sky and stars also brings romantic poetry to the timepiece works.
Eccentric Moon Moon Supreme Aesthetics

Left: Eccentric Moon Phase Watch ‘Heart’ Right: Eccentric Moon Phase Watch

   The eccentric moon phase watch puts the moon phase and other functions on the golden line of the dial. The soft moonlight is presented in the tiny world with the beautiful gesture of nature, showing the originality of the brand Pforzheim Dial Factory. The silver moon phase uses a three-dimensional relief effect, whether it is on the dial of the men’s eccentric moon phase watch created in more than 40 processes, or the natural mother-of-pearl dial texture of the women’s eccentric moon phase watch, the mother-in-law moon shadow has become The beautiful pace of time in the kingdom of time.