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Gucci Watch Jewelry New Advertising Campaign

In 2016, GUCCI Watches and Jewelry is pleased to launch a new advertising blockbuster, extending GUCCI’s new creative director Alessandro Michele’s brand-new approach with contemporary themes, using the past to shape the future and inheriting the brand’s past aesthetics and values At the same time, create a new aesthetic revolution from the known, GUCCI watch jewelry.
New GG2570 series watch (listed in September)

   Gucci’s new GG2570 series is the perfect watch for men and women. The ’25’ in the name of the series is a lucky number for Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, and the ’70’ is to commemorate Gucci’s golden decade-the 1970s. The new watch uses the classic 1970s geometric shape-rounded square design, and it is this new case shape that has become the perfect basis for all kinds of GG2570 watches. There are many styles of men’s watches, showing the ultimate charm of the watch; ladies’ watches also offer luxury diamond-studded models with crocodile leather straps, which have a more classic look.
Diamantissima watch (listed in July)

   Diamantissima — an exquisite watch collection by Gucci Watch Jewellery, inspired by the Gucci jewellery collection of the same name. Stunning pyramid-shaped crown, stud-style angular side screws — the addition of these geometric design elements makes this bold diamond texture series more intense retro.
G-Timeless Automatic Watch (available in August)

   The G-Timeless collection of Gucci watch jewelry is both elegant and modern, and is one of Gucci’s flagship collections. The most striking element of the new watch is the time stamps in different shapes. The traditional numbers disappeared and replaced with different shapes in light gold. These eye-catching hour markers are decorated on silver or black surfaces, and the surface is decorated with delicate ‘rose-shaped’ patterns, which gives the watch a sense of rhythm and movement. They make Gucci’s inherent elegance and natural manifestation, highlighting the brand’s longevity. An enduring creative spirit.
Icon Blossom gold jewelry (listed in July)

   The new Icon Blossom series is decorated with Icon’s engraved interlocking double ‘G’ decorative pattern, while incorporating small floral and leaf decorative elements to create an eerie, eclectic effect. This series uses three warm colors: 18K yellow, rose or white gold, which can be mixed and worn at the same time, exuding the ultimate modern charm. The mysterious white enamel adds a unique touch to each piece of jewelry, giving these ‘made in Italy’ jewelry a handmade texture.
Flora Jewellery (listed in July)

   GUCCI Flora series jewelry design is bold and beautiful, full of urban style and poetic painting. The shape of the Flora ring is a sapphire and diamond studded lily flower. The heart is embellished with a small skull embedded with diamonds and sapphires. It is made of 18K gold. The ring can be paired with gold and white lily earrings, which are also embellished with a delicate skull pendant. The exquisite snake-shaped ring creates a fresh and feminine charm that adds feminine charm to this romantic and beautiful outfit.
Le Marché des Merveilles Jewellery (available in October)

   The bold and bold jewellery carefully crafted by Gucci master jewelers, combined with exquisite suits that show the new elements of Gucci fashion, the Le Marché des Merveilles series constitutes an exciting and unique collection, which interprets the flow of gemstones in a completely new way Fenghua. The bee model is made of 18K yellow gold, which is modern and more exquisite. The retro sterling silver part is set with unusual gray diamonds. Each bee jewellery is delicately carved with Gucci’s new bee decoration pattern. There are styles carved on the heart shape, as well as styles directly carved. This fascinating new iconic design element is presented on a selection of necklaces, open bracelets or wide rings.
Le Marché des Merveilles Collection Jewelry (New product launch time is yet to be determined)

   Three dazzling snake-shaped rings, the Le Marché des Merveilles collection, are icing on the cake. The pavé white diamonds, green diamonds and blue diamonds show the serpentine pattern. The green version is set with green tourmaline and green topaz, the blue version is set with blue topaz and blue sapphire; both materials are 18K white gold decorated with black ruthenium, and the 18K rose gold model is decorated with exquisite carving patterns, snake eyes A white diamond inlaid at the location and a star-shaped logo set with diamonds add to the seductive charm of these jewelry.