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Citizen Selection Of Rose Gold Pair Table Romantic Romance

Valentine’s Day is approaching, as if the air is filled with sweetness. Are you still hesitating to express your affection for each other? Citizen, a world-renowned watch brand, specially selects rose gold watch pairs, so that on this special day, couples can use the rhythm of the wrist to connect two loving hearts, turning the sweet moment into happiness and eternity.

Citizen AS5044-59A

Citizen & ES5044-50A
Citizen AS5044-59A & ES5044-50A, the dial and bracelet of the watch are rose gold between stainless steel, classic design is full of elegance. Sapphire glass, wear-resistant and clearly shows the sweet moments. The simple white dial with rose gold hour markers, and the Roman numerals at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock highlight the elegant atmosphere of this couple watch.

Couple watch
Functionally, this pair of watches uses a light kinetic energy wave movement. Absorbs any visible light source and converts it into kinetic energy to drive the watch, eliminating the trouble of regularly replacing the battery, and effectively avoiding the environmental pollution caused by ordinary quartz batteries. In the current low-carbon lifestyle is increasingly popular, light kinetic energy technology makes love also It can keep up with the trend of ‘environmental protection’, and the use of radio wave technology enables this pair of watches to automatically receive signals and check the time, accurately recording the minutes, seconds, and seconds that belong to love. In addition, intimate functions such as waterproofing 10 atmospheres, indication of low battery energy, prevention of overcharging, and display of received signal strength are also readily available. What’s more worth mentioning is that this pair of watches also has high-end and practical perpetual calendar function. Even if time passes, witnessing true love lasts forever, which is the meaning of time to love.

Oris Introduces Flight Race Limited Edition Fourth Edition

In celebration of the proud achievements of the Oris Swiss Air Flight Team in the 2013 Reno Flight Race in Nevada, Oris, a Swiss independent mechanical watch brand, has launched a limited flight contest Fourth edition of the watch, limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide.

 Soar the sky
The winner of the 2013 Renault Flight Contest was Oris’ image ambassador, pilot Don Vito Wypraechtiger, a very talented Swiss aviation pilot who drove his Scarlet Screamer fighter, won the competition, and became the gold award in the aviation field. The first non-U.S. National champion in 50-year history.

To commemorate Don Vito’s landmark and commemorative victory, Oris launched the fourth edition of the limited edition of the flight contest, becoming the newest member of Oris’s latest product series-the large crown pilot series. The back cover of the watch is engraved with the outline of the Scarlet Screamer aircraft, next to it is the limited number of the model, the gray dial with black 3D printed numbers, and the hands and hour scale are embedded with green fluorescent material. The contrast between grey and green ensures the time readability of the watch under any conditions.
At the same time, the anti-reflective coating on the inside of the double-sided arched sapphire glass reduces glare caused by sunlight and cockpit reflections, further improving legibility when walking. The surface of the 45mm case is coated with a black diamond-like carbon coating, and the folding buckle developed by Oris with a gray fabric strap is also coated with a black diamond-like carbon coating. The power of the watch comes from a fully automatic mechanical movement, which is waterproof to 100 meters.

The fourth edition of the limited edition of the Oris Flight Contest will again compete with Don Vito in the US Reno Flight Contest in September 2014 to defend Vito’s title.