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In-depth Interpretation Of The Mystery Of Mechanical Time ‘glasutti Original Core 360-degree Full-angle Special Exhibition’ Hangzhou Opened

[September 9th to 18th, 2016], German high-end watchmaking brand Glashütte Original launched the ‘Glasut Wrigley Original-360-degree full-angle special exhibition’ in Hangzhou. In this vibrant city of innovation, Glashütte Original is more than 171 years old, showing the brand’s insistence on traditional handicraft skills and the original spirit of continuous breakthrough; with classic timepieces that span time, Analysis of the past, present and future of traditional German watchmaking.

Glashütte Original Core-360-degree full-view special exhibition

The brand gene is presented from a full perspective, ingenious design pays tribute to the classics

   At the exhibition site, Glashütte Original specially set up a 360-degree round open exhibition venue, focusing on the three themes of ‘persistence and inheritance’, ‘excellence of craftsmanship’ and ‘core of originality’, combining innovation with traditional history to represent the brand 12 aspects of the essence: ‘original’, ‘unity’, ‘excellence’, ‘consistent’, ‘creative’, ‘reach concept’, ‘beautiful’, ‘dedication’, ‘balance’, ‘heritage’ and ‘forward looking’ each other Echoing, the multi-angle panorama presents the brand’s diversified genes.

Discovering the creator of legendary time-a century of heritage, world dialogue

   In this exhibition, a senior watchmaker from the original German factory was invited to come to the scene to deeply understand the mystery of mechanical time. As the legendary founder in the watchmaking process, the precise movement and various complicated functions are all from his own hands. And how to perfectly integrate art and machinery on the dial also requires great wisdom and endurance, all of which depend on the collaboration of another legendary craftsman-the mysterious dial master. In this exhibition, the two soul figures in the watchmaking process have come a long way. From design to precision debugging, the original watchmaking skills from Germany can be seen at a glance.

Glashütte’s original legendary craftsman-the watchmaker shows the dial making skills live

Three themes create excellence, and you can see original innovation

   ‘Persistence and Inheritance’ presents representative models in the Glashütte watchmaking process: the Parliamentary Observatory Watch, the 1960s Calendar Watch, the Parliamentary Observation Watch, and the Parliamentary Tourbillon Watch. A panoramic view; ‘excellent craftsmanship’ focuses on the design skills of the dial: the 1970s big chronograph watch, the parliamentary big chronograph watch, Ling Ling watch, three selected watches deeply represent the original German The essence of watchmaking. The ‘Core of Originality’ section specially selects three self-produced movements zero: 58-01, 89-02, and Cal.36, showing the originality and craftsmanship of Glashütte’s originality as a mark without reservation. Proof of process.


Senator Observatory with Calibre 58-01

Senator World Time watch with 89-02 movement

Senator Excellence watch with 36 movements

   Since 1845, Glashütte, as a symbol of German high-end watchmaking, has become synonymous with excellent watchmaking craftsmanship, German precision pursuit and superb design. Here, the core values ​​of traditional watchmaking and master craftsmanship have been passed down from generation to generation. Inheriting a 171-year-old culture of excellence, Glashütte inherits the essence of watchmaking traditions and integrates the most advanced materials and watchmaking techniques to create masterpieces of timepieces.
Glashütte Original sincerely invites you to experience the exquisite German watchmaking skills on site and feel the original charm that has been passed down for 100 years.

Glashütte Original Core
360-degree full-view special exhibition
Hangzhou Railway Station
September 9-18, 2016
Atrium, Ground Floor, Block D, Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center

Xinyu Sambo Hangzhou Mansion
Opening hours: 10: 00-21: 00
1F, Block D, Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center
Phone: 0571-8701 8685

Top Chronometer ‘king Of Cost Performance’

When I first came into contact with watches, I met a big brother. At the time, the elder brother bought a lot of watches and was happy to share his experience of playing watches. A word from that year left a deep impression on me, saying that ‘Langue 1815 chronograph is a very cost-effective watch.’ Later, I came into contact with the watch a lot, and then I thought of this sentence, and thought it was true. So what I want to tell you today is why the Lange 1815 chronograph is the king of cost-effectiveness among top chronographs.

Platinum case Lange 1815 chronograph
 There are many chronographs on the market. The top chronographs are the most worthy types of watches to watch and enjoy. Someone may ask, what is a top chronograph? Do Daytona, Speedmaster, and Portuguese Chronographs count? The top chronographs are produced by only a few top brands including Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Lange and so on. The output is small and the public price is in the hundreds of thousands. It is different from conventional luxury chronographs such as Daytona, Speedmaster and Portuguese meter. At present, the famous top chronographs on the market, such as Patek Philippe 5170, Vacheron Constantin historical masterpiece 1955, Lange Datograph, Lange 1815 chronograph and so on.

Lange 1815 chronograph in rose gold
 Top chronograph, mainly ‘top’ on the movement. All the top chronographs use traditional manual winding chronograph movements to show the exquisite movement structure (individually using edge automatic tourbillons, such as Vacheron Constantin’s 5400S chase hands), and use columnar wheels to control the chronograph start / stop / zero, Use the horizontal clutch to control the engagement / disengagement of the chronograph seconds wheel and the chronograph seconds wheel. The splints and levers of the movement are staggered and carefully polished. These are standard configurations. Although Patek Philippe uses some new patented technologies on the CH29 manual chronograph movement of 5170 to optimize the performance of the movement (such as avoiding chronograph second hand jitter and zeroing accuracy when starting), these top chronographs have these The standard configuration and traditional structure have never been changed.

The L951.5 manual chronograph movement used in the Lange 1815 chronograph. All top chronographs use similar standard chronograph movements.
Let’s take a look at the Lange 1815 chronograph.
 The Lange 1815 chronograph was first introduced in 2004, and a change was made in 2010 (the 2010 version canceled the dial inner ring function scale, causing some discussion). The 1815 chronograph currently on sale by Lange includes the following versions.
 The Lange 1815 Chronograph Store Special Edition (white gold case, white plate blue scale) launched in 2015.
 Lange 1815 chronograph (Platinum case, black plate) launched in 2017
 Lange 1815 chronograph launched in 2018 (rose gold case, black or white)

Lange 1815 Chronograph Store Special Edition.

Lange 1815 chronograph platinum version

Lange 1815 chronograph rose gold version
 The Lange 1815 chronograph is a purely manual chronograph, unlike the big calendar and dynamic display like the Lange Dato. With a size of 39.5 mm and a thickness of 11 mm, the Lange 1815 chronograph is a perfect chronograph with a moderate size for formal wear (Langue Dato size 41 mm). The Lange 1815 chronograph currently on sale features a pulse meter on the dial. Since the 2010 Lange 1815 chronograph canceled the dial function scale, it is now welcomed by some players after adding the pulse meter again. A feature of the Lange manual chronograph is that the two small chronograph dials on the dial, namely the small seconds at 8 o’clock and the 30-minute chronograph at 4 o’clock, are arranged slightly downward (not in the Centerline), this is the characteristic of Lange 1815 chronograph and Lange Dato.

The L951.5 manual winding chronograph movement and movement details used in the Lange 1815 chronograph.
 The Lange 1815 chronograph uses the Lange L951.5 hand-wound chronograph movement, which is also one of the most exquisite chronograph movements in the world. The Lange L951.5 measures 30.6 mm and is 6.1 mm thick. It consists of 304 parts, including 34 jewel bearings, and 4 gold sleeves. The swing frequency is 18000 times / hour, and it can be stored for 60 hours, with flyback function. Fine-tuned with a gooseneck using Lange’s own hairspring and balanceless weight balance. The Lange L951.5 manual chronograph movement uses a cylindrical wheel and a horizontal clutch. All parts, levers and gears are decorated and polished in accordance with Lange’s usual characteristics. Includes Glashütte stripes on the splint, baked blue screws, chamfers, and hand-carved balance splints. The entire movement is visually staggered and extremely delicate, which is also the biggest feature and advantage of Lange’s top chronographs.

The details of the structure of the L951.5 manual chronograph movement. The picture above shows the chronograph seconds hand returning to zero, and the figure below shows the minute chronograph structure. From the minute chronograph gear, we can see that the jumping hand is used instead of the slow-moving slow-crawling hand.
The Lange 1815 chronograph has a public price of just over 300,000.

 Patek Philippe sells 5170P at a public price of 705500, Lange Dato platinum case at 686,000, Lange Dato rose gold case at 512,000, Vacheron Constantin’s historical masterpiece 1955 platinum case at 555,000, and Vacheron Constantin’s historical masterpiece 1955 rose gold at 428,000. The Lange 1815 chronograph is priced at 376,000.

Lange Dato (top) and Lange 1815 timing (bottom), we can see that the difference between the two is on the big calendar and dynamic display.
 Although different top manual chronographs have different public prices because of different brands and different case materials, it is obvious that the public price of the Lange 1815 chronograph is far lower than other top chronographs, which is the lowest of the top chronographs. Watch. Lange Dato and Lange 1815 chronographs use the same series of movements (Dato uses L951.6, 1815 chronograph uses L951.5), but Lange 1815 chronograph is less than Lange Dato With the calendar and power display, the price of the Lange 1815 chronograph has been reduced significantly.

From top to bottom, Patek Philippe 5170, Vacheron Constantin’s historical masterpiece 1955, and Lange 1815 chronograph. All three are single chronographs, but the public price is quite different. Lange 1815 chronograph is very cost-effective.
 At the same time, Patek Philippe 5170, Vacheron Constantin’s historical masterpiece 1955, Lange 1815 chronograph, all three watches are single chronographs (unlike Lange Dato with extra large calendar, dynamic storage display, etc.), each watch has superb polishing Decoration, CH29 movement of Patek Philippe 5170, 1142 movement of Vacheron Constantin 1955, L951.5 movement of Lange 1815 chronograph, are all the same kind of movement, it can be said that each has its own advantages, and the public price of Lange 1815 chronograph is far lower Similar watches in Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin.
 So some people say that if you want to experience the top chronograph, Lange 1815 chronograph is a very good choice. The cost is relatively small, and the gain is not much.

Omega And The Olympic Games Join Hands For 25 Years To Make Another London Appointment This Summer

In 2012, London will usher in the Olympic Games for the third time-it will become the first city in history to host the Olympic Games for the third time. The last time the 1948 Olympic Games were held in London, Omega designated time for the Games. Today, Omega is eagerly looking forward to returning to London to win the 25th Olympic Games designated timing task.
    The 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics are significant for Omega. Omega was the first designated timepiece for the Olympic Games in the Los Angeles Olympics in 1932. 2012 is the 80th anniversary of this historic event, and Omega will provide timing services for the 25th Olympic Games.
     In 1948, London hosted the first Olympic Games after World War II, which attracted worldwide attention. Although London was told that preparation time was very short after becoming the host city of the Olympic Games, the London Olympic Organizing Committee still successfully invited 4,000 athletes from 59 countries to compete in 136 events. The Olympic Games has not only become the world’s largest sports event again, but also a powerful symbol of world peace.
1948-The glorious birth of modern sports timing
     Since 1948, times have changed dramatically for athletes and timekeepers. It was in 1948 that Omega promoted the brilliant birth of modern sports timekeeping.
1948-The glorious birth of modern sports timing
     Since 1948, times have changed dramatically for athletes and timekeepers. It was in 1948 that Omega promoted the brilliant birth of modern sports timekeeping.
    This year, we will be using new timing equipment at the London Olympics, including a pioneering timer and a newly upgraded starter. Compared with the chronograph stopwatches used to time events in the Los Angeles Olympics in 1932, these new timing devices have undergone great changes, but one thing remains the same: to record the outstanding performance of the world’s top athletes for posterity.
2012-London meets new challenges
     In 2012, London will host the Olympic Games again, and its challenges are comparable to those of 1948. The London Organising Committee and the citizens of London work together to inject vitality into the city, with Wembley Stadium, Wimbledon, Lord’s Cricket Ground and Greenwich Landmark buildings such as the Greenwich Park serve as venues for competitions. No other city in the world can provide contemporary Olympics and historical landmarks in the venues provided for the Olympic Games like London. This diverse combination is impressive.
Extraordinary Olympic Watch
Omega Seamaster ‘London 2012’ Watch
    1948 was of great significance to Omega, not only because Omega served as the designated timing for the Olympic Games, but also because it was this year that Omega launched the prestigious hippocampus series-this series has become the most important One of the product series. In commemoration of the 2012 Olympic Games being held in London again, Omega launched the 1948 coaxial “London 2012” watch of the hippocampus series. This model is a replica of Omega’s first seahorse automatic watch. The fashion style of more than 60 years ago continues to this day, showing timeless classic charm.
     To commemorate this event, Omega also released two special models of the Sea Horse series Aqua Terra ‘London 2012′ 44mm chronograph. One is a two-tone case made of 18K red gold and stainless steel with an integrated blue leather strap; the other is made of durable stainless steel with a matching stainless steel bracelet.
Support the International Olympic Committee and the world’s top athletes
     We attach great importance to the cooperative relationship with the International Olympic Organizing Committee and can provide timing services for outstanding athletes. We are proud that these athletes have made the Olympic Games the world’s top sports event. We have been rigorous and serious in shouldering the heavy duty and dedicated investment in the Olympic Games’ designated timing. At the same time, Omega’s long-term collaboration with the International Olympic Committee has also promoted the development of timing and data processing technologies, and some of the most significant inventions were born.