Introduction To Glashütte’s ‘watch 1911-julia Assmann’ Watch

To Julia Assmann, one of the four pioneering fathers of the two watchmaking pioneers & mdash; & mdash; Glashütte Watchmaking Watch), a tribute to Roald Amundsen, the first Norwegian polar explorer to reach the South Pole in the world, and Glash & uuml; tteOriginal, a top watch brand with more than 165 years of history, is special Launched a limited edition of 25 watches & ldash; watch 1911 & mdash; Julias & middot; Asman (SenatorObserver1911 & ndash; Julius Assmann) watches.

 The watch has a white gold round case with a silver lacquered dial. The dial is stacked with three separate layers of white lacquer. It has a slender blue polished minute and pear-shaped hour hand and black Arabic numerals. The standard and rolled track-type scale rings are modified. The power reserve display small dial and small seconds dial are set at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, respectively. The big calendar window is at 6 o’clock. The back of the case is engraved with a number marking the limited edition (01/25), and the anti-glare sapphire crystal glass is engraved with the date of Amundsen’s arrival in the South Pole and the date of its centennial day & mdash; & mdash; December 14, 1911 and December 14, 2011. In addition, it is engraved with ‘Julius Assmann & ndash; Glash’ u / SA & rdquo; (Julias & middot; Assmann-Glasutti / Saxony), and & ldquo; Tribute to R. Amundsen (tribute to Amundsen) & rdquo ; Typeface. Comes with brown calfskin strap.

 In terms of power, the watch is equipped with a well-made 100-14 automatic self-winding movement with a reset mechanism to ensure the synchronization of the second hand with the standard time. In contrast to other resets, the second hand is not connected to the winding shaft or crown. Regardless of whether the crown is pulled out, the vibration system and the movement are continuously running, which can greatly reduce the wear of the movement parts.

King Power Unico Realizes The Perfect Fusion Of Craftsmanship And Design

Old saying: ‘Thirty stands!’, Hublot Hublot, a well-known Swiss brand that has quickly become popular in the watch industry in recent years, launched the first fully-made ‘King’ at the end of 30 years The ‘Power Unico Flyback Chronograph Stopwatch’ was officially launched in Taiwan. This model not only reached the milestone of the full homemade process, but also supported the traditional process with high technology in response to the ‘Fusion’ design concept established when the brand was founded. Shows the trendy visual beauty, with Hublot’s patented King Gold case, it shows a distinguished and distinguished texture.

Independently developed a fully self-made movement equipped with a top-of-the-line column wheel timing unit
The Hublot Hublot ‘King Power Unico All Black’ model adopts all watchmaking stages that have been included in the home-made process since the spring of 2009, so it can produce the UNICO chronograph movement independently developed by its own research and development department, mechanical work After the production of machine boards, main boards and various steel components in the laboratory, the assembly is completed by a dedicated watchmaker, which greatly improves the design independence. This independently developed flyback chronograph movement is therefore prominent in the design. The column wheel device that symbolizes the highly complex parts of the chronograph; the latest ‘King Power Unico Flyback Chronograph’ comes in three styles, which are the ceramic case ‘King Power All Black Flyback Chronograph’ and the Hublot patented The ‘King Power Unico King Gold Flyback Chronograph’ models and the ‘King Power King Gold Pave Flyback Chronograph’ are limited to 500 pieces in the world each, and are expected to be connoisseur-level watches owned by collectors.

‘King Power Unico All Black’ silicon escapement, 30 years of watchmaking creativity
Hublot’s Unico movement has the advantages of delicate and exquisite beauty, and promotes the quality of maintenance services. The high-tech silicon escapement (escape gear and pallet fork) is lightweight, durable and wear-resistant. , To ensure that the operation of the parts is more accurate, which is also conducive to the guarantee of after-sales service; with the Hublot Hublot watch was founded with a composite design of rubber and precious metals, the avant-garde demonstrated the essence of traditional watchmaking.
Since 2005, Hublot has hit the market with the outstanding design leading the popular Big Bang series. In just 5 years, Hublot has rapidly developed into a brand with both enviable craftsmanship and design sense. It has adopted ‘King Power Unico All Black’ It officially entered the brand of fully homemade craftsmanship, and this model uses a transparent faceplate, which fully shows the layout of parts that Hublot has reached the pinnacle of watchmaking. It is a process crystallization that is enough to witness Hublot’s 30-year milestone.

Recognizing avant-garde design and research and development capabilities with technological strength
Hublot’s new factory facility was completed in just one year, reaching the achievement of launching the first self-made movement, making CEO Jean-Claude Biver proud. The latest King Power model was launched by the award-winning Big Bang series. This creates a more challenging visual impression, while injecting the dual feelings of power and luxury. The reason why this model resonates with internal emotions is that in addition to following the traditional spirit and appearance of the Big Bang series, it also displays an avant-garde (acute) with sharp angles and straight edges, raised screws, ceramic outer rings and stamped rubber. avant garde) spirit. Not only that, the well-known traditional system of longitudinal wheel (also known as column wheel) provides higher operational stability, and thus better meets the precision requirements of the one-button flyback timing function provided by King Power UNICO All Black.

Ingenious Art Tasting Van Cleef & Arpels Extraordinary Dial ™ Series Fine Feather Inlay Watch

The traditional dial material is usually metal, which is decorated by polishing technology or regular texture. After that, the dial material is either precious gemstone material or mother-of-pearl. At this year’s Asian Horological Show, Van Cleef & Arpels creatively used the fine feather mosaic art to add a lot to the dial. Today’s Watch House brings you a Van Cleef & Arpels Extraordinary Dial ™ series of fine feather inlaid, hummingbird pattern watches, the official model: VCARO4KB00.

   This watch is made of rose gold, the bezel is set with a row of diamonds, and the platinum dial uses a variety of techniques to create a hummingbird flying pattern. The watch is fitted with a shiny purple alligator strap and a diamond-studded rose gold pin buckle. The entire watch is ingenious and exudes artistic charm everywhere.

Fine feather inlaid watch-Hummingbird, model: VCARO4KB00
   The watch’s rose gold case has a diameter of 38 mm. After polishing, the lines are smooth and round, and the color is bright and charming; the diamonds on the bezel are dazzling and make the watch more beautiful.

Diamond crown

   The crown is made of rose gold, and the sides are decorated with pits. After polishing, it is round and easy to grasp to adjust the time. The crown is decorated with diamonds, adding a touch of charm to the crown.

Purple strap

   The watch strap is a specially treated bright alligator leather strap. The strap is reasonably cut, the texture is clear and beautiful, and it is comfortable to wear; the purple hue is more fashionable.

Art dial

   The platinum dial uses a variety of processes. The mosaic process uses lithium mica, lilac jade and apatite, and round diamonds to form a flower background. The platinum substrate is decorated with flying birds, micro-painted feathers, finely-painted, and bird eyes are convex. Cut onyx; use the central hour and minute hands.

Diamond lugs

   The watch uses independent linear lugs, which are cast in one piece with the case. It is inlaid with a diamond as a decoration and echoes the bezel for better coordination. The rose gold crossbar is used to link the strap.

Pin buckle

   The leather strap is linked by a pin buckle in rose gold, which is decorated with diamonds; the pin buckle is not only easy to wear, but can also be adjusted as needed.

Table bottom

   The bottom of the watch is a closed bottom, which is also made of rose gold and fixed with screws. The bottom is engraved with information about the watch and a delicate bird pattern. The watch is equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement with a power reserve of 60 hours.

Summary: The indigo-winged hummingbird dances among the flowers, forming a sharp contrast with the passage of time, as if the hummingbird solidified on the dial represents a pause in time. Flowers inlaid with diamonds, purple mica, hectorite, and aluminite bloom elegantly and quietly. The charm and charm of nature is so refined by watch designers and makers on this small dial that it is ingenious and amazing.

Uncovering The Mystery Of Hollow Watch

The skeleton watch originates from Mr. ANDRé-CHARLES CARON, the master watchmaker. He made the first skeleton watch at the end of the 18th century, exposing the mystery of the watch’s internal structure to the world. SKELETON WATCH is particularly beautiful. It is so beautiful that you can fully appreciate the precise mechanical movements inside the watch. This year, you can find unique hollow-out watches from many brands. Here are three of them that shine.
Cartier Blot
Cartier floating tourbillon skeleton watch
    Looking at Cartier this year, although the scenery is almost all of the new series Calibre deCartier, this floating tourbillon skeleton watch is still breathtaking and memorable. Through the 45mm crystal clear white gold case, you can see the special ‘Cartier’ design of Rotonde de Cartier: the hollow bridge and the splint are designed into large Roman numerals, and the three Roman numerals are XII, III and IX. Striking around the floating tourbillon frame at 6 o’clock. The patchwork and false-to-true structure give a glimpse of the hairspring in the hollow barrel and its driven movement. This new Rotonde de Cartier watch is equipped with a 9455 MC floating tourbillon skeleton movement. This is a functional and ornamental Cartier movement (the Geneva quality mark poin? On de genève is engraved on the movement, accompanied by a certificate of origin with an independent number).
Hollow Tourbillon
Omega Hollow Tourbillon Coaxial Platinum Limited Edition
    There are only 18 pieces of this hollow-out limited edition in the world, each of which was created by the watchmaker in 540 hours at the Omega Tourbillon Workshop in Bill, Switzerland. You can find the name of the master who made your watch on the back of the tourbillon base plate. Omega is the only watchmaker to create a central tourbillon. The hands of the central tourbillon watch cannot be placed on the central axis in the conventional way, but are etched on the sapphire crystal wafer disk, and driven by the transmission device on the outer edge of the disk. The result of this design is amazing-the hands look like they float freely above the movement. The titanium tourbillon frame rotates once every 60 seconds to offset the effect of gravity on the watch’s travel time. The movement is polished by sun-ray pearlescent polishing, and its bridges and mechanical devices are manually polished. The automatic cymbal with sapphire base plate has been completely redesigned and etched with the words ‘limited edition’.

See the mystery of Caruso
Blancpain 1-minute floating carrousel
    In recent years, treasure platinum has a lot of intentions on caroline. This mechanism uses the differential effect to drive the frame, and it is used to offset the performance impact of the gravity on the movement error like the tourbillon. The difference is that the second hand wheel in Carrousel’s rotating frame rotates with the entire frame. Blancpain first launched the one-minute floating carrousel in 2008. This year, you can see the one-minute floating carrousel in two important series of Blancpain, one of which is the sporty masculine L-Evol uti on series. This watch is limited to 50 pieces worldwide. Blancpain is fixed with a transparent sapphire splint so that the Carrousel movement is clearly displayed in front of your eyes. In this way, you can see this special mechanism of flying rotation.

Angular Momentum At Salon Belles Montres Luxury Watch Show Shanghai

This year, the first stop of the international luxury watch salon Salon BellesMontres International Luxury Watch Salon is held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. From October 27 to 30, many high-end watches The brand shares its passion for watches with Chinese watch enthusiasts.
With more than 30 world-leading watch brands in bloom, Belles Montres has achieved the largest watch event ever in mainland China.
During the four-day exhibition, watch enthusiasts, media reporters and retailers have brought an unprecedented appreciation experience, and learn about the classic concepts and superb skills of many fine watches.

Swiss watchmaker Angular Momentum is very pleased to participate in the premiere of the Belles Montres luxury watch exhibition in Shanghai, showing an extraordinary sapphire crystal watch with a miniature painting inside the snuff bottle from the Qing Dynasty in China. Shocking, this watch was sold to a Chinese snuff bottle collector at the Shanghai Watch Fair.
Angular Momentum’s miniature painted watches will soon be available in specialty stores in Shanghai and Beijing.

Fan Muller Giga Round Skeleton Tourbillon Watch

Giga round skeleton tourbillon watch FM 2100 manual movement / 9 day power reserve / 18K rose gold material / diameter 49mm / off-centre, minute hand / 12 o’clock power reserve display / 6 o’clock Tourbillon / sapphire crystal, case back / black alligator strap / waterproof 30 meters
The Giga Tourbillon watch is a tribute by Franck Muller to the minimalist tourbillon art. Frank Muller, who had climbed the peak of the tourbillon process step by step in the past few years, suddenly announced this in 2011 A work with a bit of ‘return to its true meaning’, although compared with the brand’s Revolution and Evolution and other works on a completely opposite style, but its exquisite hollow structure and the large tourbillon at 6 o’clock The Giga Tourbillon watch has attracted the attention of the previous work.
W.P.H.H this year. On the other hand, Frank Muller launched a derivative style for the Giga Tourbillon watch-the Giga round skeleton tourbillon watch, which once again set off a wave of love for watch lovers. However, if you don’t look at the tourbillon first, and just explore the hollow-out craftsmanship of this watch, you can discover a lot of wonderful things. In order to create a transparent visual effect, Frank Muller hollowed out a large area of ​​the movement splint, and carved a slim line with beautiful lines to support the entire structure; but in order not to affect the normal operation of the watch, the layout and appearance of the movement required Designing and adjusting in advance is no more complicated than remaking a movement. It is not difficult to observe the structure of the movement carefully. The FM2100 manual movement is different from the ordinary movement. The layout of parts and mechanisms has been reversed. For example, the winding and timing mechanism of the watch has been moved to the back of the movement. The hour hand indicating the time is set on the minute hand, and the entire hand is eccentrically set to make room for the tourbillon … Various adjustments are made to make it easier for the wearer to see the movement of the movement.

Panerai History Series Limited Edition 500 Pieces

Cold, all-black appearance, black cushion-shaped ceramic case with black sandwich dial, with water buffalo strap and smoke-gray sapphire crystal case back, limited to 500 pieces, belonging to Panerai The history of the Panerai series.
Technical Parameters:
Panerai’s own manual base movement P2002
Panerai completes its own manual movement P2002 / 3
Diameter: 133/4 legal minutes
Thickness: 6.6 mm
Number of gems: 21 stones
Swing frequency: 28,800 times / hour
Power reserve: 8 days
Balance: Glucydur® single metal balance
Suspension: KIF Parechoc® anti-vibration
Three barrels
Number of parts: 225

Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date display, linear power reserve display
Case: 45 mm diameter, black ceramic case with patented removable strap ring, screw-in crown with OP lettering
Bezel: Black ceramic bezel
Case back: Smoke grey transparent sapphire crystal
Dial: black dial, luminous Arabic numerals, date display at 3 o’clock, small seconds at 9 o’clock, linear power reserve display at 6
Mirror: Sapphire crystal made of emery, 2 mm thick with anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: 10 bar (~ 100 meters)
Strap: Leather strap with PANERAI logo, large titanium buckle and black hard coating
Model: PAM00384

4500 Yuan High Price Tissot Watch Back Cover Is Flawed, The Public Said Not To Force

spent 4,500 yuan to buy a watch at the Tissot watch counter, the next day I found a flaw in the back cover of the watch, but the counter was not refundable, and it took three hours at the counter Give satisfactory results. Speaking of this watch purchase experience, Ms. Hefei’s citizen right was very depressed.
4500 yuan Tissot watch back cover is defective

On the afternoon of May 2nd, Ms. Citizen of Hefei purchased a Tissot watch at the Tissot Watch counter, valued at 4,500 yuan.
‘At home, we treat the baby like a baby and put the watch in the box. I took it out on the morning of the 3rd and found that there was a very obvious flaw in the bottom of the dial. The wear was very serious, and the edges and corners of the damaged part were gone. ‘Ms. Quan said that she did not intentionally check the appearance of the watch for flaws at the time of purchase. Such an expensive watch did not expect such problems to occur.
Ms. Quan said that on the afternoon of the 3rd, she came to the Tissot watch counter to prepare to exchange her watch.
‘The counter salesperson said that it was not excluded that the wear and tear caused by our wearing process was not returned. The advice they gave was to let us leave the watch and let the company inspect it to see why. & rdquo; Ms. Quan said she did not agree with the result of this process.
‘If the watch is bought within 24 hours, it will not be processed, and it is even more impossible to process it if it is delayed. & rdquo; Ms. Quan said that she did not get a satisfactory response after staying in the counter for three hours, and then left the Tissot watch counter.
Shopping malls involved returning goods for consumers
This morning, Xiaobian accompanied Ms. Quan to the Tissot counter in the shopping mall. A person in charge of the mall, Ms. Qin Xiangquan, carefully understood the beginning and end of the watch purchase.
Ms. Qin said that perhaps during the handover process when the watch was sold, on the one hand, the staff did not carefully remind the customer to check the surface, and on the other hand, the consumer did not carefully check the appearance of the watch, which led to today’s disputes about return and exchange.
In the case where this responsibility is not clear, the mall is willing to share this responsibility with the brand company, give Ms. Quan a full refund, and give a beautiful gift as compensation.
On behalf of the shopping mall, Ms. Qin apologized to Ms. Quan for the inadequacy of staff in service and management in the shopping mall, and reminded consumers to carefully check the appearance when purchasing precision electronic products such as watches to prevent unnecessary disputes. appear.

The Top Jewellery Craftsmanship Once Again Embodies The Dream Journey Of The Animal World: Chopard Animal World Series Hedgehog Watch

In the Chopard High Jewellery Workshop, another extraordinary craftwork was born, a mysterious watch paved with diamonds, concealed under the glorious hedgehog full of moonstone stones, continuing The poetic journey of the Chopard Animal World.
   This unparalleled work embodies the top craftsmanship of Chopard Jewelry Workshop and takes hundreds of hours to complete by hand. The exquisite hedgehog-shaped jewellery watch combines unique beauty and precision performance, further enriching Chopard’s Animal World series. This unique timepiece is crafted in 18K white gold and uses extraordinary full-paved diamond and moonstone inlay technology, which is a perfect work of reality and dream: Chopard once again contains a wonderful journey of fantasy and fantasy with rare beasts.
Chopard Top Jewellery
   This top-of-the-line jewellery watch showcases the ingenuity and dedication of its dedicated work. The High Jewellery Workshop was founded by Caroline Scheufele, co-president and creative director of Chopard. Under the guidance of its guidelines, it has grown rapidly in Chopard in recent years. Today, top jewellery includes the following fascinating collections: Animal World, Red Carpet and Green Carpet, demonstrating the power of modern art with superb art and craftsmanship. With these collections, top jewellery, from design to production, has become the backbone of the Geneva brand Chopard. These works draw inspiration from nature, have a unique aesthetic style, and continue the moral concept of Chopard Workshop, which is fascinating and timeless.
   The Chopard Animal World Hedgehog is an 18K white gold watch set with 15.05 carats of moonstone and 4.08 carats of paved diamonds.
Meta-arts and crafts
   The creation of this hedgehog watch begins with a pair of dexterous hands. Chopard’s jewellery craftsmen have been immersed in the production of this extraordinary masterpiece with creative professional skills and extraordinary patience. The works show all the top jewelry craftsmanship: designers, jewelry wax sculptors, jewelers, gem craftsmen, inlayers, polishers … from lines to shapes, from processed gold materials to inlaid gems, for this mysterious jewelry Watches bring vitality and condense their respective talents to inject unparalleled time and flow into the precious hedgehog jewelry. Chopard brings together more than 30 crafts under the same roof, enabling different crafts to complement each other and integrate seamlessly. The Schafer family is dedicated to guarding this wealth, focusing on the inheritance and training of craftsmanship for generations. Chopard knows that the most precious heritage is manpower.
The extraordinary work of the Animal World series

   The latest masterpiece from Chopard’s top jewellery workshop is a beloved hedgehog, set with charming moonstone, adding a new member to the wonderfully charming Animal World collection, and based on the unique diamond pavé hand-crafted technique of Chopard, the top jewelry watch brand in Switzerland , Makes the hedgehog glow charming. Moonstone is extremely delicate and delicate. It requires the craftsman’s superb technique to grind spikes of different thicknesses. Combining sensitive methods, superb craftsmanship and outstanding skills, the hedgehog’s spherical body can have a harmonious and full shape proportion. The head of the hedgehog is full of diamonds. Two sapphire eyes make the hedgehog’s eyes look bright and lively. The playful nose is inlaid with brown diamonds. There is a secret mechanism hidden underneath: touch the nose of the hedgehog, and the jewellery becomes a top jewelry watch. Through a delicate mechanism, opening the main body from the middle position of the hedgehog’s back will reveal a cute little hedgehog with a four-claw plate wrapped around the watch dial. The inside of the watch is completely set with diamonds, showing the magnificence of art works, and its mysterious characteristics are even more precious. Secret and not visible, only the wearer’s will can reveal its charming charm and clock function.
Mystery Watch
   The Chopard Hedgehog watch is fascinating to read the wonderful moments, letting time fly by. The mysterious watch is elegant and antique, reminiscent of the era of avoiding the eyes of others and obscure reading. Mysterious and charming temperament combined with unparalleled beauty, makes this hedgehog watch exude elegance and unique aristocratic style.

Cartier Lingshui Surge Female Entrepreneur Awards’ 2018 Recruitment Starts To Support Women Entrepreneurs To Achieve Their Dreams

Recently, the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards jointly established by Cartier, INSEAD International Business School and McKinsey & Company ) Officially started its recruitment in 2018, and we invite female entrepreneurs who are full of entrepreneurial dreams and determined to enter the competition before 20 o’clock on August 31, 2017, Beijing time, to start a dream journey of entrepreneurship.

2017 Cyrille Vigneron and Ilian Mihov with six winners

The final winners will be announced at the finals and awards ceremony in Singapore.

Founded in 2006, the ‘Cartier Lingshui Surge Female Entrepreneur Award’ is an annual international business plan competition that demonstrates the unwavering support of Cardiadia for women’s entrepreneurial passion and pioneering spirit.

The award is open to all countries and industries, and is designed to support innovative startups that are women-led, business profitable, and financially sound.

In addition to the one-on-one ‘Social Entrepreneurship Training Program’ provided by Yingshi International Business School, the six winners who finally stand out will receive a prize of $ 100,000, and the remaining 12 finalists will also receive a prize of $ 30,000 to recognize them Their positive contribution in the field of creative innovation.

2018 ‘Cartier Lings Surging Women Entrepreneur Award’ Registration Website:
Application deadline: 20:00, August 31, 2017, Beijing time

Summary of Entry Rules
Selection criteria
l The person in charge of the project must be a woman, which can be the founder, director, general manager or project leader. The project’s major shareholder, CEO or chairman must be female
l The participating project must be an original profitable project completely conceived by the team; ‘original’ means that the project adopts a new concept and does not include repurchase business, reproduction of existing business concepts, or branches or subsidiaries of existing business
l The participating projects must be in the start-up phase. They should be established two or three years before the registration deadline, that is, the participating projects should be established between August 2014 and August 2015.
l Each participant can only submit one project, and multiple projects will not be accepted; please ensure that all information submitted is true, up-to-date and complete
l Creativity: the degree of innovation in the overall business philosophy
l Sustainability: the financial impact of the company, which determines its long-term success rate
l Social impact: The impact of a business on society, including the employment opportunities it creates,
Or its impact on the current or near and far environment
l The overall quality and clarity of the materials provided

For detailed entry rules and selection criteria, please visit:

Cartier called on all female entrepreneurs who are full of entrepreneurial passion and pioneering spirit to participate in the ‘Cartier Lingsi Surging Female Entrepreneur Award’ to create more female business legends together.